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Unique design features. Superior quality materials. Made to the strictest OEM standards. These are the exceptional credentials of DENSO’s Wiper Blades – providing drivers with a safe, comfortable field of vision whatever the weather. Fitted as original equipment to the windscreens of cars such as BMW’s new X5 and X6 models, the Land Rover Range Rover, Jeep Cherokee, Japanese marques including Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Mazda and Suzuki, Korean marques including Hyundai and Kia, and all Ferraris since 2008, DENSO Wiper Blades are the choice of leading car makers worldwide. Why? Because in our work as one of the world’s foremost developers and manufacturers of original vehicle parts and systems, DENSO is a relentless pioneer of advanced Wiper Blade technologies. From Conventional and Flat blades to the latest Hybrid designs, DENSO Wiper Blades combine intelligent design, top quality materials and accurate manufacture – ensuring they wipe better and last longer.


All these advantages are also available to aftermarket customers in our DENSO Wiper Blades programme. We put our unrivalled OE know-how and unique features into every replacement Wiper Blade we make, ensuring they deliver a clear, streak-free finish across thousands of driving miles. And with an extensive range of technologies and fitting options available, DENSO is your complete supplier.








One of the world's leading suppliers of wiper blades to the OE industry, DENSO offers the same premium quality and value to the aftermarket replacement market. When choosing a wiper blade, DENSO’s First Time Fit and EnduroVision blades offer all the performance features you want, with coverage for most vehicles on the road today. From OE fit and function, to superior quality and quiet, streak-free operation, DENSO wiper blades help you achieve hassle-free vision in snow, sleet or rain, protecting your family, vehicle, and others on the road.


Do you offer refills for your wiper blades?

We only offer the entire wiper blade. Please!





Premium Quality Wiper Blades. One of the world's leading suppliers of wiper blades to the OE industry, DENSO offers the same premium quality and value to the aftermarket replacement market. DENSO First Time Fit® premium wiper blades are now available in three styles: The conventional, designer and beam-style wiper blades provide coverage for the majority of the cars on the road today.


A. Conventional Blade







Features and Benefits:

1. All-metal frame for maximum strength and durability

2. Evenly spaced contact points applies even pressure across the wiping edge

3. High compression natural rubber insert reduces chatter and squeaks




B. Design Blade





Features and Benefits:

1. Unique OEM design

2. Graphite-coated rubber provides longer lasting blade life

3. Sleek, aerodynamic design



C. Denso structure blades




1. Special Rubber Compound: Resists extreme elements and ensures quiet, streak-free operation.

2. All-Metal Frame: Superior steel frame construction for maximum strength and durability.

3. Low Profile Insert: Improves contact angle on windshield, minimizing hard streaks.

4. Evenly Spaced Contact Points: Applies even pressure across the wiping edge for unparalleled stability and performance.

5. High Precision Dual Blade Cut: DENSO's exclusive dual high-precision rotary blade cutting technology forms the wiping edge, delivering a cleaner wipe.






D. Hook Connector Wiper Blade Installation Instructions: Wiper blade installation instructions for DENSO Hook, Hooked, or U-Hook wiper blade arms. Hook Wiper Blade Removal and Installation Instructions.




Snap open clip to remove old wiper blade



 Remove old wiper blade



Align new DENSO wiper blade connector with hook



 Insert hook into connector and snap into position



 Snap clip closed








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