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1. There’s never a good time for your car engine not to start! Successful, fuel-efficient ignition is one of the most important engine functions, yet a common cause of motorist complaint.


2. As a world-leading developer and manufacturer of original ignition technologies, DENSO is the trusted name behind many world-first ignition technologies. This makes us best placed to provide the most advanced and reliable OE quality Spark Plugs, Glow Plugs and Ignition Coils for the aftermarket’s every need; supplying continually updated aftermarket ranges that guarantee optimum engine performance.


3. For petrol cars, we offer one of the aftermarket’s most exceptional, all-makes Spark Plug programmes – with a plug to suit every driving style, car and pocket. Types include Nickel, Double Platinum, Twin Tip (TT), Iridium Power 0.4mm, Iridium Long Life, Iridium Tough 0.4mm, Super Ignition Plug (SIP) and Iridium Racing 0.4mm; many featuring DENSO-patented innovations. We also offer Spark Plugs for a huge range of motorcycle, marine and small engine applications including Nickel and Iridium Power.


4. For diesel needs, our all-makes replacement Glow Plugs range is recognised as one of the best in the industry for scope, coverage and performance. Drawing on our heritage as a world leader in OEM Diesel systems, the programme includes Single Coil, Double Coil, Ceramic and Instant Heating technologies.


5. Our Ignition Coils range also features the same, advanced technologies that we supply to car makers worldwide. From Coil on Plug (COP) and Ignition Coil Block types to Distributor Coils and Stick Coils, each item has been specifically designed by DENSO to deliver optimum performance, energy savings and easy installation.





The DENSO difference

DENSO has been setting the standard for spark plug technology since 1959. We develop all of our ranges in-house, and manufacture them in our own QS 9000 and ISO 9000 certified factories worldwide – with ‘zero defects’ as standard.


Twin-Tip Technology

DENSO's revolutionary Twin-Tip design introduces the idea that two tips are better than one. Why? Because the additional tip on the ground electrode results in less obstruction of spark growth, while still maintaining the same gap. Less interference at the spark origin (quenching) means better ignitability for a more powerful and fuel-efficient combustion.








Iridium TT

> Vastly increased endurance

> Improved Output

> Reduced Emissions

> Consolidated Range


With this unique design, there are literally two “tips”: a 0.4-millimeter Iridium center electrode, and a 0.7-millimeter Platinum ground electrode. DENSO’s patented Twin-Tip technology was first used on original equipment spark plugs for luxury and performance cars. Now, that technology is available to everyone as below.



1. It's what's inside that counts

Introducing the Iridium TT Spark Plug - featuring, at 0.4mm, the world’s smallest diameter centre electrode and a 0.7mm ground electrode. This aftermarket range makes advanced OE-quality technology available to a wider range of vehicles at an affordable cost. It offers 4 times the lifetime of a Nickel plug and delivers better fuel economy and all-round optimum vehicle performance.


0.4-Millimeter Center Electrode. The 0.4-millimeter center electrode has a low required voltage and high ignitability, that means your vehicle experiences less interference to spark growth (quenching), fewer misfires and significantly improved combustion, optimizing power output and fuel economy – getting you farther with less gas.


2. Pioneering Performance

Nickel Plugs feature two flat surfaces, which block the ability of the ignition spark to grow. But DENSO’s Iridium TT’s two needle-thin electrodes (with the center electrode 0.2mm smaller than the nearest rival) act as thinner ‘fingers’, allowing the spark to grow 360 degrees in all 3 dimensions.


This improves the ability of the air and fuel mix to ignite and, in turn, allows the spark to expand quicker and better, optimising both fuel economy and performance.


DENSO’s cutting-edge technology has created a unique iridium rhodium alloy with the highest iridium ratio in the market for the center electrode as well as a bespoke platinum alloy for the ground electrode, allowing for the extended lifespan of the plug.



3. Features and Benefits

> Vastly increased endurance
Life span of 120,000 km.

> Improved Ignitability 
Stronger spark delivers better ignition performance.

> Improved Output
Low voltage requirement and high ignitability improves combustion.

> Reduced Emissions
Improved ignitability leads to less combustion fluctuation, resulting in less fuel consumption and significantly reduced CO, CO2 and HC emissions.

> Technologically Advanced
Delivers all-round optimum vehicle performance to a much wider range of OE vehicles at an affordable price.







DENSO Platinum plug features. Platinum on the center and Titanium on ground electrodes. This precious metal fights corrosion and erosion, ensuring superior spark performance and maximum spark plug life capable of extended operation in excess of 60,000 miles.


Platinum Longlife

- 1.1 mm Platinum centre electrode and Titanium tipped ground electrode ensure optimal performance

- Platinum’s superior resistance to erosion and corrosion enables DENSO Platinum plugs to create a spark plug capable of consistent, extended operation of up to 100,000 kilometres

- Requires less voltage to ignite the air/fuel mixture



We also provide this outstanding OE quality to the aftermarket. Including Nickel, Platinum, Twin Tip and Iridium, DENSO Spark Plugs cover a complete range of continually updated references. Guaranteeing optimum engine performance, choose DENSO Spark Plugs for every automotive, motorcycle, marine and small engine application.


The TT concept originated from DENSO's latest OE spark plug technology, the Super Ignition Plug, or SIP. Until recently, this original equipment iridium Twin-Tip design could only be found in today's most technologically advanced automobiles. Now, DENSO is offering this cutting-edge technology in a brand new Platinum/Titanium design customized for today's value- minded automotive enthusiasts.



Platinum and Titanium

Platinum is one of the rarest metals on earth and is an excellent material for spark plugs, thanks to its superior resistance to corrosion and erosion in harsh environments. Sometimes called the "space age metal", Titanium has a low density and is a strong, lustrous, corrosion-resistant material ideal for extending the life and performance of spark plugs.


Platinum and Titanium Combination: Platinum on the center electrodes and Titanium-enhanced alloy on the ground electrode increases durability and minimizes tip erosion.





Twin-Tip Design Proves Two Tips are Better Than One!

The Platinum TT® concept originated from DENSO's latest original equipment spark plug technology, the Super Ignition Plug (SIP). Until recently, this OE iridium Twin-Tip design could only be found in the most technologically advanced automobiles. But now DENSO is offering this cutting-edge technology in a brand new platinum/titanium design customized for today's value-minded automotive enthusiasts.



A Pioneer in Platinum

DENSO pioneered the use of platinum in spark plug manufacturing. To maximize the longevity and enhance the durability of the spark plug, DENSO applied platinum to both the center and ground electrodes. Platinum offers superior resistance to erosion and corrosion enabling DENSO to create a spark plug capable of consistent performance.


High Durability

DENSO's revolutionary Twin-Tip design is a combination of highly durable precious metals - Platinum and Titanium. The center electrode is created using an extremely durable Platinum alloy that allows for the reduction of the tip size to 1.1 mm in diameter, while maintaining the life of the plug. The Titanium-enhanced alloy on the ground electrode also increases durability, which is critical to minimize tip erosion and achieve the new Twin-Tip design.











1. 360° Laser Weld

2. Platinum Center Electrode

3. Titanium-Enhanced Tip


Platinum is optimal to maximize longevity and enhance durability. DENSO is the pioneer in introducing Platinum Spark Plugs to the automotive aftermarket, but has hardly been content to rest on that achievement.




1. Platinum center electrode

2. Titanium ground electrode

3. Premium shell construction with machine-rolled threads



1. Sustained spark performance over 60,000 miles

2. Reduced secondary required voltage, increased ignition efficiency

3. Satisfied customers, reduced shop comebacks








Iridium Power

A. Improved ignitability
Stronger spark delivers better ignition performance

B. Improved output
Low voltage requirement and high ignitability improve combustion

C. Improved acceleration
World’s smallest 0.4mm diameter centre electrode ensures superior acceleration response and fewer misfires







1. 360° Laser Weld

2. 0.4mm Iridium Tip

3. U-groove Ground Electrode



The Iridium Power Difference

At 0.4mm in diameter, the DENSO Iridium Power center electrode tip is the world’s smallest. It produces the hottest, most concentrated spark, while requiring the lowest voltage (5,000 less volts to fire than conventional spark plugs). For maximum performance under the most extreme conditions, this plug is the one! Because of its patented technology, the Iridium Power plug outperforms any plug today. You’ll enjoy more horsepower, faster and easier starts, fewer misfires under heavy loads, plus better fuel efficiency.





Features and Benefits


1. Improved Acceleration - Increased response and acceleration performance

- High ignitability: The world’s only 0.4mm dia. Iridium centre electrode and specially shaped ground electrodes give high ignitability and low required voltages.
- Better firing: Electrode fires better under high required voltage conditions, and gives fewer misfires when under conditions where ignition is difficult.

- Improved acceleration: Acceleration is superior to normal plugs.




2. Improved Output(improved Horsepower) - More power with an optimal combustion cycle

- Vastly improved combustion: Iridium Power has a low required voltage and a high ignitability, resulting in less misfiring and always a spark which dramatically improves combustion.
- Better engine output: The significantly improved combustion enables engine output to increase.
- Measurable results: Motorcycle engine bench tests on Iridium Power show a 0.5ps (1.4%) improvement in output at 110km/h compared to normal plugs.




3. Improved Fuel Consumption(improved fuel mileage) - Improved ignition, less fuel consumption, less noise.

- Better engine performance: The excellent ignitability of Iridium Power’s unique 0.4mm fine electrode draws out much more performance from the engine.


- Improved fuel consumption: Comparing a normal plug (W20FS-U) with an Iridium Power (IWF22) on a 2 cycle 50cc engine, tests show fuel consumption improves by around 5%.




* Why should I use the Iridium Power®?

Our customers choose the DENSO Iridium Power spark plug for its unsurpassed performance, increasing overall power and acceleration. For that extra burst of power when you need it most, you can count on the combination of revolutionary Iridium alloy and laser welding technology which allows DENSO to harness the power of Iridium to dramatically increase firing performance. The result is maximum horsepower and torque. From extreme race conditions to the daily driver, the Iridium Power is the ultimate choice for performance.

* What design features make the Iridium Power stand out from competitors?

Iridium is 6x harder and 8x stronger than platinum, this allows DENSO engineers to shrink the center electrode tip to only 0.4mm, the world's smallest , and still maintain durability. This tiny electrode reduces the required voltage for the plug to fire resulting in improved firing performance. DENSO uses a patented Iridium alloy formula which employs over 90% Iridium, and small amounts of another material called Rhodium, which is added to even further reduce oxidation.


Also, a U-Groove has been cut inside the ground electrode to maintain the large volume of space required to form the nucleus of a flame. While still keeping the required voltage low, this technology enables excellent firing performance without increasing the spark gap.

The tip of the ground electrode has been cut to form a taper. This greatly improves firing performance by reducing "quenching," or the absorption of spark energy by the electrode.


At first, the use of Iridium as an electrode material was impossible due to its extreme hardness and high melting point. Now, DENSO has developed a patented 360° laser welding process to firmly affix the Iridium material to the center electrode in a bond so reliable the electrode resists wear even in the harshest conditions.

* Does the engine need to be specially set when fitting Iridium Power?

No. The plugs can just replace the ones you take out. The Iridium Power spark plug itself has a low required voltage and high ignitability and is able to draw out the power of an engine. The superb performance of Iridium Power spark plugs is obtained merely by installing them in your vehicle. And, of course, there is no need for special tuning.

Can the Iridium Power gap be adjusted? Can I use any spark plug cleaners with Iridium Power?

Do not adjust the spark plug gap. Use of a spark plug cleaner for short periods is acceptable if low pressure is used. Iridium Power spark plug gap is already set at the optimum distance. If the electrode is damaged by gap adjustment or cleaning, the spark plugs will not perform to their best.

* How do I select the correct heat range when fitting Iridium Power to my vehicle?

In ordinary cars, use a spark plug with the same heat range as a normal spark plug. In highly tuned vehicles, select a heat range to suit the tuning level of the engine. (Ordinarily, the heat range of a highly tuned engine tends to be colder.) Refer to the following table to compare the heat range of the Iridium Power and other spark plugs.



* What's the difference between Iridium Power and Iridium Long Life?

Iridium Power is a high performance spark plug. The Iridium Long Life is the genuine part that comes OE from car manufacturers. Please for more information as blow.

0.4mm Iridium Center Electrode Delivers Maximum Spark Energy. Iridium Power® best demonstrates its performance improvement during acceleration. The world's smallest center electrode and specially shaped ground electrode deliver maximum spark energy while withstanding temperatures greater than 4000º F. These features combine to achieve higher ignitability and require lower spark voltage than ever before. As a result, acceleration improves in comparison with normal plugs.


Ignitability That's a Cut Above. To increase ignitability, the important point is to let the flame kernel produced by the spark to grow unobstructed. Normally, this can be accomplished by widening the spark gap. However, this causes spark voltage to increase, which has the opposite effect. Iridium Power uses DENSO's patented U-Groove ground electrode to achieve maximum ignitability while minimizing required voltage.






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